Ahu'ena Heiau

Protecting our religious freedom at Ahu'ena Heiau when the new owners of the King Kamehameha Hotel declared that they owned Ahu'ena Heiau. We held a statewide vigil with many dignitaries, organizations, hula halau, churches and many others paying their respects and in support of our religious freedom to worship in our church "Ahu'ena Heiau" and recognizing that it belongs to the Hawaiian people. 

Rally to Support Continuity at Ahu’ena Heiau in Kona

July 1, 2007 Kailua-Kona, HI

A Rally was held yesterday to support
Kulana Huli Honua in their care of Ahu’ena Heiau, beginning at 4:00pm. The rally, Ke Alo Naue I Ka Honua (meaning The Presence that Moves the Earth) was attended by Hawaiian heavyweights Kale Gumapac of Hui Pa’a and the Kanaka Council, Palikapu Dedman of the Pele Defense Fund and Kanaka Council, Jimmy Medeiros, of Protect Keopuka Ohana and the Kanaka Council. Also in attendance was Uncle George Naope, Kumu Hula, is the Founder of the Merrie Monarch Festival and a Hawaiian Living Treasure. All were there to lend their support to Mikahala Roy as Kahu (caretaker) of Ahu’ena Heiau…………
Ahu'ena Heiau 2008

Ahu'ena Heiau 2008